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Lighting Equipment, gips for rental in Vietnam

Camera, lens for rental

VProduction Lighting Rental house offers full set of equipment, gips set of Photographic lighting, camera & lenses & all accessories items available for your shooting in studio or outdoor with crew available & support 24/7.

  • Profoto Lighting, Broncolor Lighting, Godox lighting...

  • Contact us for more information on specify demand equipments and for availability.

Rental Policy

Published rental prices are daily rates. 

A one-day rental is considered: pickup during normal business hours and returned the following day by 5:00pm. The rental fee is paid in full for the number of days scheduled at pickup. Rentals not returned on the scheduled return date will be charged accordingly to late timeline. Rental prices are subject to change without notice. Weekly rentals are available. 

ID Requirement & Security Deposits

A valid ID or Passport is required to rent any equipment. 

A deposit equivalent to the avalue per item is required for any rental. A higher deposit may be required depending on the quantity and/or value of the equipment to be rented and rental history.

A renting out with V Lighting Crew/ assistant on accpomnied will not require a deposit.

Delivery & Transportation & Crew

Equipment handling over can be made & picked up at VLighting Studio by the Renter

Shipping delivery is an additional surcharge that varies is determined according to the number of rented equipment, timing, specific delivery location.

Crew & Techinican Staff support required for every renting out of Lighting Package set

Crew fee is an additional surcharge that varies depending on requirement. Crew fee OT rate is applied by overtime shilf working out.


Rental Liability/Rental Protection Plan

Renter accepts full liability for any damaged or lost equipment. In the event of equipment damage the renter is responsible for repair cost(s) or the new replacement cost(s) of rented equipment. In the event a repair is needed the renter will be charged the cost of repair and any associated fees with the repair based on actual cost per item.


VLighting offers a Rental Protection Plan which covers some impacct damage incurred due to standard degration of product or mechanical malfunction during a rental period.


Our protection plan does NOT cover:

  • Water or Liquid Damage

  • Intentional abuse

  • Damage beyond recognition

  • Fire Damage

  • Lost or Stolen equipment

  • Sand Damage/Excessive Dust

Get a Quote for lighting equipment rental

For specify requirement equipment list please contact us for more information.

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